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The Vortis Eliminates Cell Phone Interference for Hearing Aid Users and Improves Overall Cell Phone Performance for All Users

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 8, 2003 – Myers Johnson, the developer of the first interferometric array antenna for cellular phones, introduced its signature product, the Vortis, to an astonished audience of audiologists and consumers at the Academy of Dispensing Audiologists (ADA) Conference, Oct. 8-12, 2003 in Sanibel Island, FL. The Micro Interferometric array antenna is the first to attach to a cellular phone and directs almost twice the RF energy towards the cellular towers and reduces the energy toward the user’s head and hearing aid. This unique combination enhances the allows hearing aid users to operate a cell phone without any interference, improves overall cell phone performance and produces better sound quality.

“The Vortis is a multi-band antenna that creates nulls at the sides and enhances the energy at the forward and rear of the user,” said Dr. Steven L. Myers, Chief Technology officer of Myers Johnson. “The Vortis is also the first attachable array antenna to eliminate the disruptive interference experienced by cellular phone users with hearing aids.”

'I am honored to have the opportunity to speak in front of this distinguished audience of my peers to introduce a wireless communications technology that will significantly impact the limitations that the hearing impaired face on a daily basis,” said Mark Sanford, Owner of CSG Better Hearing Centers in California. Mr. Sanford became a
proponent of the Vortis when he was asked to perform RF immunity tests using the antenna. “Myers Johnson’s mission is to resolve radio frequency and electromagnetic
interference problems for the hearing impaired and we are happy to bring this exciting new product to life. The best thing about it is, that by doing its job in removing the RF radiation from the head and hearing aid, it also provides an improvement over cellular phones. What more can one ask for?”

The Vortis is the result of efforts put forth by Dr. Meyers and Jim Johnson, president, CEO and co-founder of Myers Johnson. Bringing more than 30 years of experience in technology organizations, with disciplines including management, engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, sales, marketing and finance, Mr. Johnson assisted in the development of one of the first high-tech antenna companies in 1999 where he was introduced to the possible solution of the hearing aid compatibility issue. Johnson’s passion to eliminate the hearing aid interference with cellular phones began when he saw the frustration of his own mother who wears a hearing aid and was unable to use a cellular phone. He found no effective solution on the market to address his mother’s dilemma, and discovered that millions of people were affected daily by this limitation.

In the year 2000, after speaking to the consumer groups who were relentless in their efforts to seek compliance to the congressional mandates, Mr. Johnson began working on the development of an array antenna for near field control of radio frequency (RF) energy. He later founded Myers Johnson Inc. in collaboration with Dr. Myers, who developed the prototype for The Vortis antenna, the first easy-to-use wireless solution to address the hearing aid compatibility issue.

“ Our promise to our customers is to simply allow them to pick up the phone and begin talking without the need to connect special devices,” said Jim Johnson.

About Myers Johnson
Since its inception in 2000, Myers Johnson has worked as a pioneer to design, develop and engineer products that address the Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) issue, while enhancing the mobile device communication experience for the average consumer. The Myers Johnson Board of Directors, Technical Advisors and management team are comprised of industry experts with experience in the wireless communications, antenna technology, manufacturing, product launch and financial management spaces. The company is headquartered in San Francisco.

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