James R. Johnson

Selected Media and Public Engagement Links

December 2011 Vortis Technology Inc. Announces Acquisition of Myers Johnson Inc.

May 2011 California Senate Bill 932 Senator Position and Contact Information

May 2011 USF Symposium on Cell Phone Effects

November 2008 San Jose Contract Manufacturer receives ISO 13485:2003 Certification for Medical Devices and Implants

September 2007 The Independent - Far Flung Business Making All The Right Moves

June 2006 Hearing Products Report Innovations in Technology A Clearer Connection

March 2006 Insider Magazine Highlights Vortis Technologies

March 2006 Interferometric Antenna Array For Small Portable Wireless Devices White Paper

October 2005 Business Facilities - International Corporate Moves

July 2005 International Federation of the Hard of Hearing (IFHOH) conference in Helsinki, Finland on Tele-Com Technology

June 2005 Vortis to Ring Changes for the Hard of Hearing

June 2005 UK Trade and Investment - Vortis Technologies LTD Secures Scottish Financing in Move to U.K.

November 2003 New York Times: Hearing Aid and Cellphone Call a Truce

October 8, 2003 - James R. Johnson Unveils the First Attachable Array Antenna For Cell Phones At Annual Academy Of Dispensing Audiologists (ADA) Conference

September 22, 2003 - Telephony Magazine "WIRELESS ANTENNA: NO HEAD GAMES HERE"

September 4, 2003 - Interagency Committee on Disabiltiy Research connects wireless technology experts

July 10, 2003 - FCC Report and Order

May 30, 2003 - Support of resolution for the hearing aid compatibility (HAC)

May 2003 The Hearing Industry Resource A Solution to Cell Phone Use for Non-Telecoil Equipped Hearing Aids

May 15, 2002 - Hearing Aid Interference Reduced over 99% by New Antenna Design

May 15, 2002 FCC Filing

March 1994 Modern Machine Shop Eye on the Prize

1980's San Mateo County Cliff and Scuba Volunteer